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	0.0.2 - Added Scrap Metal, identifying metals and a lot of metals to hunt!
	0.0.3 - Added Changelog
	0.0.4 - If you identify metals from scrap, the result will be either the same quality or higher
	0.0.5 - Added save and load feature. The game autosaves every 30 seconds.
	0.0.6 - The marketplace items now have a limit that is based on your total items + 10. Once the limit is reached, no more items will be added to the marketplace. - Fixed rapid-changing-inventories that disabled opening stat window for every item.
	0.0.7 - Removed "Get Scrap Metal" button. Added Junkdiver minigame.
	You can get scrap by dragging around the garbage to reveal it.
	There are bombs you can throw to explode garbage and get more scrap!
	0.0.8 - Added a button to sell all your items of the same type at once. - The button is only shown when you have 2 or more items of the same type. - Now items that you cannot buy on the marketplace appear grayed out. - Reduced opacity of Garbage in Junkyard. - fixed price per identifying all scrap
	0.1.0 - Added Crafting
	0.1.1 - You can click on your items on the left side and get the output on the right side.
	0.1.2 - Added a search function. You can type the name of the item and it automagically appears filtered.
	0.1.3 - Added some metal alloys. - Fixed "Identify this metal" button overlapping the "Sell all" button.
	0.1.4 - Now you can refine an item by crafting 3 items of the same type. The output will have higher quality.
	0.1.5 - Added buttons to sort items by price and by quality in INVENTORY, MARKET and CRAFTING tabs.
	0.1.6 - Now items that can't be crafted together with already selected items to craft something new appear grayed out.
	0.1.7 - Added a checkbox if you decide to show only items that have appear inside a crafting recipe.
	0.2.0 - Added a Trash Bin
	0.2.1 - You can get random items in the trash bin. 1-5 items appear every 10-100 ticks. - Changed trash chance to 0-1 items at 1% chance each tick. - Reduced lag caused by selling many items at once.
	0.2.2 - Added a "previous market prices" graph on every item stat window. - Previous market prices now are preserved upon saving.
	0.2.3 - If a market price is rising or decreasing, there is a 50% chance of the price still rising or decreasing the next price change.
	0.2.4 - Now scrap appears every 30 seconds in the Junkyard. - Removed the "Dive for scrap" button in the Junkyard. - Reduced chance of trash appearing in the Trash Bin. - Reduced chance of garbage/scrap piling in the Junkyard, and added a limit to prevent lag.
	0.3 - Added uncrafting - You can now uncraft some items through the item stat window. - Fixed Scrap Metal duplication bug. - Fixed Searchbox in Crafting.
	0.3.1 - Fixed quality labels on items. (Quality 0 items shown no number/same as Quality 1 items. The intention was Quality 0 (I) and Quality 1 (II))
	0.3.2 - Fixed recipe list for Crafting Cauldron items not showing properly.
	0.3.3 - Changed Recipes in recipe list, now they only show the output item name and not the ingredients.
	0.4.0 - Improved Crafting inventory. Now only items that can be used to make the selected recipe are shown.
	0.4.1 - Fixed name not being properly shown on Crafting because a number was shown instead.
	0.4.2 - Changed bomb explosion radius.
	0.4.3 - Bombs are changed to
		Precission Bomb   ($2),  20px radius.
		Amateur Bomb      ($6),  80px radius.
		Professional Bomb ($12), 180px radius.
		Nuke              ($20), 320px radius.
	0.4.4 - Added Paper Recycle Bin. Added 8 new paper-based items.
	0.4.5 - Added 6 new crafting recipes and 7 uncrafting recipes with paper and cardboard as ingredients. - Now identifying all scrap metal from the junkyard takes less time.
	0.4.6 - Added Plastic Bin and new items.
	0.4.7 - Added the Glass Recycle Bin and new items and crafting recipes.
	0.4.8 - Added item conditions.
		Item price changes depending of its condition.
			The market value is added to the base price.
			The condition modifier is added to the market value.
			The quality is added to the condition modifier.
		Every item starts as new, filled and unused.
		An item from a garbage can may be dirty, wet, burned, broken, empty, used and old.
		Every change in status negates the "new" condition.
		Wet and burned can break the item, reducing its price.
		You may craft items to repair them if they are broken.
			(If two parents are broken, there is a chance the offspring will be repaired)
	0.5.0 - Added item age.
		Every 30 seconds, the age value is incremented.
		When age reaches 16^2, item changes from new to used.
		When age reaches 16^3, item changes from used to old.
		When age reaches 16^4, item changes from old to antique.
		Each age condition negates each other. Being antique the ultimate age condition (That increases price to 150%)
	0.5.1 Added Zinc Oxide, it can be crafted mixing Zinc with Zinc.
	0.5.2 Added Zinc Carbonate, it can be crafted mixing Zinc Oxide with Zinc Oxide


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